In my dream last night, I was almost late for school because I needed to get away to the water and see this really cool bridge that’s been in my dreams before. It’s super modern and you have to take a bus to get there, and a small boat to get like halfway across it, to where it gets kind of rickety and scary, since it’s basically just wood and narrow. 

Anyway, this time around I got about halfway across, and there were whales everywhere. One almost knocked over a dock. I was actually kind of afraid of them, and on part of my bridge, there’s not really much to it, and these kids were rocking it. I thought they were gonna sink it. Then there was an announcement made that I would be late for school (I’m not in school) and I had like twenty minutes to get all the way back to shore. Fortunately, they were passing out notes for my teacher so we wouldn’t get in trouble for being late.

So basically I have no idea what the hell was going on, but the water was clear and pretty and aside from the stress of being attacked by humpback whales/falling in and being late for class, it was quite relaxing.